Monday, October 11, 2010

Reconsider Columbus Day

Please reconsider WHY we are subjected to this holiday STILL.
After we have all realized that this man was responsible for genocide.

The garden of Eden that we are replanting -
and people like columbus turned it into hell on earth.

The crimes against the indigenous people of the Americas
first woke me up that something was indeed seriously wrong
about our culture and the way this country was founded.
We are living on stolen land...period.

We have to move forward though,
and the recreation of the food forests is IMO

Bold statement, but all the solutions
flow from the creation of those magical spaces of love.

So lets stop worshipping pillagers,
both dead AND alive. Its still going on,
and we are strongly encouraged to SUPPORT our
"Pillagers. Occupiers. Invaders."???

Do we see the correlations?