Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grow Your OWN Superfood!

Blackbird Naturals is proud to announce the release its

We have selected our personal favorites that
do really well in food forests and permaculture projects,
and we are so excited to be sharing these wonderful seeds
with everyone looking to claim food sovereignty by
growing their own superfoods and medicinal herbs.

Daniel Vitalis came up to us at Au Lac asking for Nettles!

He plans to plant lots of wild edibles near his home in Maine
next year and these seeds are the perfect fit - most in the collection
are wild so they will be able to hold their own in nature without
much coddling from humans - and they'll also be able to fight off other plants nearby.
This is a huge aspect that many of us into gardening forget.

Domesticated plants need human babysitters almost everyday,
and this fact is multiplied by 10 especially early on in their lives.
Protection from bugs, mammals, other plants, and the ups and downs
of mother nature that no one can easily predict.

Feeding the fauna with cabbage plants in Minnesota.
(I found out later that these plants were entirely gobbled
to the ground by either deer or woodchucks. Great... )

And in addition, these plants are FAR more superior in terms of nutrition.
Compare spinach with wild spinach (lambsquarters)
and youll be amazed how many more minerals are present in the LQ.
Here's a video I made about 18 months ago...
please forgive the production quality!
And I didnt even plant these in the greenhouse!
Lambsquarters, as well as the other seeds in our collection
have such a strong life force that they somehow just appear
on the property...once you plant them you will know what I mean.

We are offering some fun 3 packs as well -
The Wild Green Salad Mix which has
Lambsquarters, Dandelion, and Wild Orach Mountain Spinach.
These three are powerhouses compared to their domesticated counterparts.

Another one is the "Immunity Boost" trio of
Maca, Astragalus, and Calendula.

We will be offering lots more 3 packs soon.

These are seeds that HEAL the planet.

When we saw Kevin Gianni at Au Lac we synchronistically gave him
a tin of Rama Tulsi (Holy Basil), which he told us was his favorite.

And be sure to reuse your tins! They are good for holding keepsakes,
and they are weatherproof so you can put more of your own seeds in there
next season. Our varieties reseed heavily (wild + natural plants DO THAT).

Matt and Angela will be offering them at The Raw Food World,
and many others will be on board as well.

We are so happy to be offering products that literally create paradise.
Find us on Facebook HERE and feel free to shoot us a question about
the collection - they will be available on Friday October 8th!