Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sowing the Seed of Freedom!

We've had a HUGE response over the seed collection.
We are honored to be offering these wonderful bundles of life,
especially to communities so focused on the best food possible!

We are going to be making films focusing on each plant and why we chose it,
and also new updates in the Blackbird Food Forest.
The temperature has mellowed out now that October is here,
so everything is thriving in the perfect weather.

And we have 9 new baby chicks!
The cycle begins again! We've been filming them and we
can assure you that the 2nd time around has MUCH less stress.
baby chicks are very smart and resilient creatures
so if you show them love and give them a warm place to sleep they
will be very happy little angels. The flock expands!

And we have a winner for the seed giveaway!
Connor Murphy won this time around,
so he gets the pick of the wild salad mix
which is lambsquarters, dandelion, and wild orach mountain spinach,
the immunity boost which is made up of
Astragalus, Calendula, and Maca, or any combination of three
from the seed collection on
Congrats brother! We're excited to see what you'll do with them!

So the seeds are flying through the air and reaching
so many awesome friends...thank you everyone for the support!
Share your photos with us and we'll be doing a great community page
where we'll all be sharing our success! Knowing what varieties we'll be
working with its going to be a very short time before big results happen.

Even if we can all make youtube vids sharing our plants online -
thats a huge bonus for everyone and it really keeps the inspiration
and creativity flowing! We'll be having some limited edition offerings
of special gatherings coming soon! We'll keep you posted of course!