Monday, August 16, 2010

A Model For Living v 2.0

Fate had it that I stay in NYC for a few extra days...

I came out for a shoot last Friday and was planning to leave Saturday
morning until I found out about some really serious castings early this week.

Synchronicities have been happening ever since!

I am so excited that my "Model for Living"
Diet & Permaculture talk will be taking place at
Organic Avenue at 116 Suffolk St in New York City
this Wednesday evening!
Amazing liquid sunshine from Organic Avenue,
Organic and Wildharvested Seeds from me,
and High Vibrations without a doubt.

Ceremony music, meditation about creating your own Sacred Food Forest,
and simply letting gratitude and appreciation wash over ourselves...

My last talk focused heavily on Permaculture and Gardening.
This talk on Wednesday is WAY more than a garden workshop.
I will be telling the very odd story of how i discovered raw food
and all the ups and downs I encountered along the way.
We'll also talk about washing away disabling negativity from our lives,
and of course the experiences of planting Food Forests
in both the harsh winter freezes of Minnesota, USA
and now the Blackbird Food Forest in the extreme heat of Arizona.

I will always share my mistakes and triumphs,
and discuss everything that has worked for me so far
with both diet, permaculture, (and some philosophy too!)

I'll also do a Q+A after the talk to wind things down.
So come and join us Wednesday evening. Likely 6pm-630pm ish...

Admission for the event will be $30 and will include a
Blackbird Naturals Raw Vegan Cacao Fudge Truffle (mouthful)
($20 Value) as well as juice from OA and different organic seeds
that I've picked recently. There will be informational handouts too,
but remember to bring something to write with.

And...there WILL be some singing,
so close your eyes if you're shy and just smile along ;)

See you Wednesday!

Contact Organic Avenue @ 212-358-0500 for tickets...