Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rawutah's Food Forest Update! YES!

Jake from Rawutah.com is at it again!
Im always awaiting his videos and my thist was quecnched nicely today.

Jake and I have been collaborating for over two years now
and its a total joy to see his place popping like crazy.

Check out his latest...INCREDIBLE!!!!

A message from the man himself -
just in case anyone doesnt read comments:

This is fun!! Seriously...heaven on earth!!!! I've had few people ask me what I do for work. This is what I do....gardening.

A few yrs ago..I lost my job. Instead of getting a new job, I sold my car...invested in a greenhouse and supplies and got going!!! Thanks to a dude named Anthony sharing his passion and method for such things. Made a deal with my brother and mom, that if they kept the power on...etc..I'd grow the food...and increase the yield over time....IT"S WORKING!!

Now...it's supplying a bunch of our food needs.
As well as the good medicine of just working with the plants..barefoot in the sun.

This method works!! If you're in a family or community..
not everyone needs to go off and earn a greenback.
Maybe a few do at first...but slowly that will change to where..
... is working and living off the land...
IF...they want.
We see ourselves slowly moving this operation to a
larger patch of land near a spring...and all of us living and breathing there.
If not..this little city lot...works great!!
What if all the urban sprawls did this...whoa...
goodbye world problems..hello abundance!!

Just got Volume 1...of "Earthships" by Michael Reynold...YAH BABY!!
Now that is... INSPIRING STUFF!! Cheers!!

**---I had the biggest smile on my face reading that!---**

Keep shining the light brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!
Jake's goji berries are thriving in both Blackbird's Food Forest
and in my dome in Minnesota - they are a superb addition to our "arsenal".

He inspired me to start my own, and we now have 10 goji seedlings
out on the patio growing very well...slow, but well.

Endless thx for the co-creation Jake!