Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Organic Avenue Vid

Just a brief little teaser...
Im developing a powerpoint presentation right now
with embedded videos and photos to really bring this
workshop to the next level.

Enjoy the video! Music is from a Mpls native
by the name of Dosh...the album is Naoise...last track of the album.

Again...huge thanks to OA for the support and spreading
the light, and massive gratitude for the attendees...
not only for the support but for choosing to take
big steps towards planting their own Space of Love.

Thank you!!

By the way - Jenny from Myliferecipe.com was there
and she made tempeh with the sage I handed out.
Her boyfriend who has been a veggie for ten years said
it was the best tempeh he's ever had. Id like to think it was the sage ;)

Here's the link
- fun stuff!