Monday, July 13, 2009

The Primo Peach Pudding

Most raw people I know really love tropical fruits.
Tropical fruits are awesome, no doubt, but I'm
starting to think that its more of a
"Grass is Greener" sort of thing.

I once asked a cambodian rickshaw driver what
his all-time favorite fruit was.
His answer? Apple. "So sweet and crisp!" he told me.

Maybe the tropical thing is so prevalent because
most of us don't have the access like we would hope.

There are some jewels from the temperate regions though.
Most notably...the peach.

I planted two peach trees last year and they both
died over the winter. I think it would be a good greenhouse
tree if I had any space left (which I dont).

That was a bummer...losing those trees.
But onto brighter times. Its peach season, so at least
we can get them from the professionals who know what
they are doing when it comes to growing primo peaches.

I like "leaners". The ones that are so damn juicy
that you have to hunch over to keep them from getting
all over your clothes. When I am in MN, I get them at the
grocery store, wash them off in the bathroom after
checking out, and proceed to eat two or three on the drive home.

Its a good thing I dress like hell when I'm there, because
that peach juice is all over me by the time I pull into
the driveway. A great benefit of not having to care about
appearance! Full peachy enjoyment!

Mango lovers say that eating them in the shower is a good idea.
Peaches may just be the same, but peaches are pretty clean
compared to those ripe gushy mangoes.

Here's an idea. Peach pudding con (that means with)
aguacate...(that means avocado).

(that bowl to the right is a kelp soup which I diluted and poured on my sq ft gardens)

Avocados blended with most fruits make a crazy-good
pudding, but peaches take it to the upper levels.

I add in a bit of sea salt to balance it out,
and if one was inclined...a little raw honey.

Seriously...a super quick and satisfying treat.

One avocado per peach is the way I do it,
but you may need to tweak it to your taste buds and fat needs.

We are so lucky to have the peach...enjoy the good ones while
you can...because soon after its gone again.
And peaches shipped from China and Chile just dont cut it.
(Although China is where peaches are originally from)

Local is logical, both for taste and environment...
get tuned in with the seasons and go with the flow.

Try that pudding and see the light.