Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MN Update

(the back half of the garden...just planted more buckwheat
because the soil still needs more loosening)

Things are growing really well here right now.
Some things...too well.

There is a point where a plant turns into
an ORGANISM that simply cannot be stopped.
I have encountered a pumpkin vine that almost
choked out two persimmons, one fig, and had vines of 15 feet
in 4 directions. I have never seen anything like it.

As the vines spread out, they would send out
little rootlets that would probe the surface for moisture
and nutrients. This thing was just way too healthy.

Cover crops are doing their thing too.

I wish I would have been smarter and did them right away
last year. They add so many flowers and greenery to the
landscape. We have buckwheat everywhere and the bees
are simply going crazy for the flowers.
They are staying very close to home this season.

A very happy cacao tree. Growing quickly now that its humid.

The square foot garden area.
Remember, this spot looked like this in mid may:

We can always re-green our living space.

This is a voracious cucumber vine trying to
probe its way outside the front door of the dome.
I kid you not, the vine is at least 12 feet long.

Horse manure seems to do the trick!
I layered that with chopped leaves last fall,
and planted this cucumber in mid may.
Two months later and it looks like that.

I'm also adding another layer of newspaper for the worms to
feed on. You should see the soil now...crumbly and full
of worm castings. The stuff smells sweet though...funniest thing.

Ill be adding more soil and planting some more cover crops
when I get back again.

Raspberries are coming too!!!

Getting better every month...