Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Invincible Health Master Class

Ive been really busy lately in the city,
working almost everyday and with a fair
amount of castings as well.
I really give it 100% while Im in NY because
I still have to pay off my property expenses
and all the other bills that seem to pop up in life.

Hence...the lack of posts.

Its Sunday morning and Im working at noon
so Ive got to get things rolling early today.

My point here is to share with all of you the
upcoming class that Daniel Vitalis is holding
this week...The Invincible Health Master Class.

I firmly believe that Daniel has the ability to reach
way more people in the mainstream than David Wolfe,
and his teachings will not only alter and enhance your
food and water habits, but you ENTIRE lifestyle as well.

It just goes so far beyond food, and many of us in the
raw community can believe that raw food will pretty
much take care of everything...that its all we really
have to change. This class will change all of that for
you if you already havent considered it yourself.

If it wasn't for him, Id still be drinking dead bottled water.
I was working in NJ this weekend, and ran out of my
spring water so I had to drink Smart Water and
Deer Park water from an office cooler. It made me feel
so much thirstier..I couldnt believe it.
As soon as I returned home at midnight last night,
I chugged a quart of our springwater, and it was like
night and day...instantly the parched feeling went away.

Everytime I drink lame water for a few days, and then
go back to spring water, an amazing thing happens and
Im sure others can attest to this too:
I have to urinate like crazy for one day once I start drinking
the structured water again, as if my body is flushing
out all the old junk that I drank the few days before.

Everytime I come back from MN it happens,
and its happening this morning too.

I was raw for almost 5 years before I made that
connection, wasting hundreds and likely thousands (OUCH)
of dollars on bottled water...Daniel Vitalis changed that for me.

Here is a great talk from him exactly about that - Water.

I honestly believe in his open-minded approach
and his views on re-wilding and what human domestication
has done to all of us, and I hope that you can somehow
expose yourself to more of his work.

I highly recommend the class, but if you arent willing
to make that investment now, you can expose yourself
to his ideas through his interviews on

Its free to join up, and youll have access to
so many good interviews about diet, gardening,
global politics and the money system as well.

But if you are ready to step it up and take it to the next
level of not just diet but LIFE, this would be a great class.

One more video if you have time:

I know I might seem like a D Vitalis pusher sometimes,
but I deeply feel that his message is pure and if
his teachings are absorbed and executed in your life,
you will never look at life and yourself the same way.