Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Raw Food World + Blackbird Naturals!

I am so happy to announce that Matt Monarch
has accepted our truffles into his store,
The Raw Food World. Check it out HERE.

Matt sent out a newsletter today announcing the partnership:

Many of you already know ‘The Raw Model’, Anthony Anderson. He is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! He leads an EXTREMELY sustainable lifestyle, he cares PASSIONATELY about Mother Earth, he is VERY kind to those he encounters, considerate, wants to help everyone and is… well… GOOD LOOKING! Now, to top it all, Anthony and his good friends Alexandra and Andrea just came out with the MOST INCREDIBLE Raw Chocolate Truffles on the planet!!!

What I like MOST about these Chocolate Fudge Truffles, is that one of the MAIN ingredients is coconut oil. Before raw chocolate ever hit the market, using coconut oil was one IDEAL way to get that chocolate bar consistency and texture. However, many chocolatiers have since shied away from using coconut oil because it melts in the heat. However, Anthony and these Divas have found a way to utilize coconut oil as one of the main ingredients while at the same time keeping the truffles intact.

Due to the coconut oil content, it is ideal to refrigerate these truffle when you recieve them in the mail, for the ULTIMATE taste. For those of you who know Anthony Anderson, then you know that anything he creates, which people will actually be putting into their bodies, is very sacred to him, and he pours the utmost care and love into the creation of these divine truffles.


So nice of him to say all reciprocation:

I think what Matt and Angela are doing in Ecuador is

THE ANSWER to all of humanity's ills.

Sure...we dont have to necessarily go to a foreign country

to build our space of love, but maybe thats a really good idea

when you really at the geopolitical landscape.

Their Food Forest is popping and we are constantly

checking in to see garden updates from their sanctuary.

Have a blessed day you two!!

Thanks for all the love and support!

One thing Matt and Angela love about Blackbird is that we

are using it as a platform to both fund Food Forest Co-Creation

and to spread the word and joy about it.

We have used all of our profits on planting Paradise

and we urge you to do the same!

Now is the time! Look at the food supply -

especially with air being polluted in the gulf and

prices just going up for any reason they want to give us.

Growing our own is the most revolutionary thing we can do!

Blackbird salutes the Stokes-Monarch Clan!!

We hope that we can see each other's slices of heaven soon!