Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence from WHAT?

This was taken about 5 years ago but luckily
I still have this shirt!

So...happy dependence day!

Dependent on?

Corporations to feed us, clothe us, give us water...
governments to tell us how society should work
and how much they take our money away for war spending...

Soldiers are being used as bio-robots in this.
The authorities always trick the masses with the
"Support our Troops" message.
The Nazis did it, the soviets did it, and the Americans do it.
Please do not ever fall for this.
Its not about troops...its about tricking the masses
into supporting the agenda of the destroyers.
When I see pics of young american men who were just killed
overseas I just feel sorry for them.
They were fooled...tricked into thinking that they
were actually doing something positive for the world
instead of being the muscle for the Illuminati.

How about - "Wake up our Troops!"?
They are being used by corporations as hired mercenaries.
I wish there was more honor in all this, but its so obvious.
The government of the united states is a mere branch
of the Corporatocracy used to legitimize plunder.

Republicans always talk about preventing big government -
what they dont add in (and no one really brings up in the media)
is that government doesnt count anymore.
Big Brother is Big Business. They call ALL the shots.
Goldman Sachs, Halliburton, Monsanto...The military industrial complex,
Coca~Cola and Nestle draining the world's water supplies
only to bottle it with sugar and make the masses sickly...
you get the point. This is the game that is being played.

We lost our independence...
and I really believe that we never really had it.
Until we can be happy and alive and healthy without
the "help" of those bastards we can forget
about freedom...its a brand name used to make
us think that we are free when 99% of us are wage slaves
and need big brother for every aspect of survival.

Sorry to seem negative (realistic?) but we must be
aware about all of this so we can take steps to liberating ourselves.
That is what Blackbird Naturals is all about.
We set up a business centered around healthy food and clean
ethics and are using all our profits to get ourselves
and other people more self-reliant and independent.
This, we believe is the path to freedom.

This is the key...set up sacred commerce
and use your funds to melt away the chains of dependence.

It all starts in the mind though, you know that.

Thought - Word - DEED.
We have to have to act.
If you want to be free that is.
Life can be comfy, and work may be easy,
but just think about the dependence on the system.
What if there is a massive solar flare and the grid is fried?
What about water and fuel shortages (both man-made and natural)?
Then what? Do you have water? Food? Where could you go?
I would highly suggest buying a 5 gal tub of organic coconut
oil and some dried herbs and superfoods from Mountain Rose Herbs
at the very least..have a little stored up to at least have a month to make it.

The coco oil is the densest form of energy that will
never seem to go rancid if stored in a cool place.
Its super affordable and a family could live months on it
if they had to...hopefully it wont have to be the case,
but with geo-political and natural forces arising, best to be safe.

I want to blow sunshine up your ass - really I do.
That's what all the positive solutions are about.
Don't get dragged down in the negative.
Get aware, make a plan of action, and GO FOR IT.

Independence has to be earned...
A bunch of suits in washington, new york, london etc
will never, ever give you the real thing.
Those bums need slaves to do their dirty work.

(I had to unload all this with a shovel,
but i couldnt think of a better investment right now)

You have to take it for yourself. NOW.
Seedlings...buying trees, investing in good soil,
rainwater harvesting, composting, getting some animals
like chickens, rabbits, or goats to help turn scraps into
food again is a big big big step on the freedom path.

Im off to the garden to put some transplants in
and check on the little chickies!

The only independence we will enjoy is the one
we have created ourselves. Remember that always!