Monday, July 5, 2010

Sedona Spring Visit

We made our monthly trip up to Sedona to harvest
springwater....its just so magical up there!

It was pretty windy so there was no swimming
on the menu but we went to a really cool nursery
and dropped off Blackbird samples at New Frontiers Market.

We were going to eat at ChocolaTree but we were so full
from our snacks at New Frontiers that we just went
home and called it a day. We listened to some
great stuff about EMP attacks on the way home -
Look into this one everyone...if you can make it thru an
EMP you are officially a self-reliant human being.

Despite the officialness of this video,
it seems very little has ever been done to
insulate us from this potential attack (or solar flare).
Google "EMP Protection" and see what you can do to
take the next steps towards protecting yourself.

Anyhow...enjoy the Sedona video!
Alexandra is getting IMovie 09 soon
so they are going to be even better!
Check out my old vids for a good laugh!
Those vids were as rough as they come but dammit
they have heart! Gotta keep the love in it!

Big hugs everyone - have a great july!