Thursday, July 15, 2010

Aspartame Vid

Im thinking that this vid is about 10 years old now,
but the commercial is relatively new.

I would highly recommend checking this out -
its a bit long but I was glad I watched it all.

Look at the connections -
Monsanto Subsidiary
Ronald Reagan-Appointed FDA chairman overturns
previous rulings that wanted the BRAIN CANCER FINDINGS
in the lab animals tested to be explained...

So - If this can happen,
cant 9-11 possibly be an inside job?
can't chemtrails possibly be real?
cant they be softly killing us by design?

There were CLEAR results that aspartame
causes brain cancer - yet it was approved
by the people that claimed to be looking out for us.

And we wonder why so many people are so passive and
accepting of reality these days? Maybe people are
actually being made retarded by all this stuff
and thats why the idea of "clean food" totally makes no sense
to them and why they are so obsessed with sports
and celebrities and other distractions?

Are we being shaped into mindless automatons?
By looking at the public school system that I went
through as a child, absolutely YES.

If you want super kids I think that homeschooling
or maybe a Waldorf-Montessori until the child is ready
for homeschooling or even unschooling.

it was a BIG book that changed my thinking and had
me reflect on the wasted potential that i suffered
by wasting so much time in regular school with all the
busywork and distractions. Ive tried my best to make up
but its a pretty large handicap.

Off to plant some basil! Its one of the only plants
that can really take the AZ sun right now!