Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A change of mentality...

Saw this the other day...
its funny, because I actually plant and encourage these plants.
How many millions have these crappy companies made by
scaring us away from TRULY healing plants?

A simple change of mentality...the idea of spraying
chemicals on ANYTHING in my space is insane to me.

I have a thick spread of poison ivy, and instead
of drenching the area with some evil chemmy brew,
Im just trying to outplant it with red clover and will
then manually (the good ol' fashioned way) pull up
the remaining underground vines after a good rain.

My dad has sheep sorrel growing all over his shop area,
and he kept thinking that he had to SPRAY it...
Im disappointed in myself that I havent convinced him
yet how idiotic that mentality is but anyways...
I showed him that its indeed a tasty edible and now instead of a
pesky weed, he has a CROP. A simple change of mentality.

If your ecosystem is healthy, spraying is laughable.
Its because humans have made it out of balance that one
insect or plant will take the large gap and become the opportunist.
Not their fault...they are just trying to survive in the
ecosystem they were born into. By introducing more biodiversity,
nature simply balances itself out. Trust in her...always.

If you do have to immeadiately protect your plants,
use a good garlic spray or neem oil. Works everytime.

Share the pic with others...Im sure most of you reading this
wouldnt be too keen on spraying your plants with chemmies,
but the pic speaks a thousand words.
Each one of those three plants are SUPERSTARS
for a healthy garden and ecosystem.
And they are great for eating too...(eat clover FLOWERS).

More permie pics in the next issue...