Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Before and Afters...

Hard work, lots of organic nutrients, and LOVE...
A barren landscape can be transformed into an oasis.
The pic right below was taken just 13 months ago.

This was the blank canvas. Im surprised I wasnt
more intimidated about starting the transformation.

I wish this pic had more light...
Totally lush with life...its just pure splendor for me.

This was july of 2008...the interior garden is stronger
but you can see pure gravel-sand on the outside.
No more...a lush bed of white clover now blankets the whole space.

Two years. Two years with me working there every so often.
You could do this SO much faster.

While others were paralyzed with anger and despair
by watching WAY too much news and other distractions,
I was planting the Garden of Eden. Makes sense??