Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chickens and Sauerkraut

The cycle is now complete...full circle (like our chicken playpen!)

We adopted 9 little female chicks about 3 wks ago,
and it was the best birthday surprise ever.
This little "blackbird" above is Cheep Cheep.
She couldnt walk at all when the girls picked her up
awhile ago, but with Andrea's TLC, Cheep Cheep
is running around like her other 8 sisters now.
She wouldve ended up in the freezer destined to be
Anaconda food in the near future. We are so happy she's
alive and well with us in Paradise Valley.

We are building them a really fun and creative playpen
which was formally just filled with some groundcover.
This young sweet acacia needed to be trimmed back,
and now it will also serve as a perch for the hens.

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