Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Best of Raw Truffle Marathon...

We've been pumping out a massive order placed
by Organic Avenue this weekend...

Hand-crafting 1500 truffles takes WAY WAY WAY
longer than I ever imagined. We figure about
100 truffles per hour when two people are rolling.
When you know what BPM (balls per minute) means,
you know you have crossed over to the other side.

Luckily though I love the two souls I work with!
-And what a great mission to have.
We feel so blessed to be partnered with Organic Avenue too...
when we see the coverage they get with the press
and how professional they are we cant help but get
both excited and overwhelmed about where they are headed.

We are participating in the NYC Truly Raw Cacao Recipe Contest,
and we are so excited to be spreading our message
and truffles to all those great people on Friday.

Since we are our own bosses, we can bring our ipods
into our space and listen to great stuff as
we are making these little delights, and we've
come across some great material.

Here's a gem- "One Man, One Cow, One Planet"

Biodynamics will allow people to transition
to a closed loop (i.e. not having to BUY fertilzer at all)
and HEALING agriculture system...if there is one.
Food forests for sure. Anyways, Im off to take care of the garden
and all of our 9!!! baby chicks!