Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mast Brothers

Last year when I was with Blackbird Naturals,
the cooking channel came over and did a feature on us
for their chocolate episode.

One of the other companies featured was Mast Brothers.
When I saw the episode I got good energy from the guys,
but hadn't yet tried their stuff.

Lately, Ive tried it. And it has totally blown me away.

The complexities make any other organic chocolate Ive had
seem so bland. I was a big fan of the Trader Joe's Organic Dark and
now that stuff seems like a sad joke.

True, Mast Brothers isn't exactly inexpensive, but when you watch this video,
I think you'll have a good appreciation for what they are up to.

If you see them in a store, I would recommend trying it.
Even at $8, think of it as a nice treat for you and a loved one.
Its so rich that half will usually satisfy you. Both. Seriously.

Its making me rethink the whole raw cacao thing too.
Is the raw bean really that much more magical?
Why can't I get flavor like this from a raw bar?
All due respect to the raw chocolatiers out there,
but there is really something to say about roasting those beans.

I wonder if they ever did a stone grind with raw beans instead?
Has anyone that bought a Raw Food World stone nut grinder
ever thrown cacao beans in theirs?

Try it for yourself and see if you can taste the difference.
My favorite is the almonds and sea salt version.
We just tried Black Truffles and its ok, but not like the almond one. for thoughts...raw or roasted?
The magic is DEFINITELY in that Mast Bros Chocolate...