Monday, October 31, 2011

The Greater Good...Please Watch!

This is the Trailer...

I realize now that I cant embed click the link to watch the film!

I just saw this wonderful video and I can't recommend it enough.

Its so well done. Its about the Vaccine battles going on in the US.

PLEASE...If youre a parent or know parents of young children,

Parents of young girls (for the gardasil vaccine) need to see this as well.

Everyone really. This affects all of us.
Many would say its just big pharma trying to make money,
but cant they make money without killing people?

I can't help but think something more insidious is going on.
Have they gone too far down the road to turn around?

Those poor souls...the ones trapped in the diseased minds
of the people that work for those companies...
I send them love because they need it so much.
Making a living off of this, when the evidence is so clear. two cents...enjoy the video and PLEASE share.

I think this is only available for another week,
and after that it goes on sale at for $10, which is a bargain.

Cheers and blessings! Heavy metal DETOX!

Read more about this movie on their site HERE.