Thursday, November 24, 2011

Is the college dream a joke?

I want you to watch this first.

I went to a state college, so my yearly costs
were about $3000 a year.

I didnt know what I wanted to be yet,
so i just went through the process and got the degree
in business marketing. Honestly, it was the biggest waste
of time and money. Knowing what (I think) I know now,
I feel that the whole college degree chase is a total scam.

So whats the (REAL) answer for these graduates?

Frankly, I would say get whatever job you can,
and SAVE as much as possible.

Then buy some land.
Then plant a food forest.
The food forest shouldnt cost you more than $2,000.

Then build a small home or buy a yurt or tipi. the paradise garden lifestyle.
Growing your own food, having nearly zero expenses,
and eventually making a living selling your produce
either online or in person.

The key is setting up a life like a semi-retired person.
What traps people is the mentality that they need a big house
and all the um..."trappings" that come along with modern life.

In reality, we now know that basically with an small laptop
or even a smartphone and a camera/camcorder we can create
online content and communicate with the outside world just the same
as if we had 20K worth of high tech gadgets and big ol' fashioned desktops.

Simplify, simplify, simplify! - Henry David Thoreau

Simplification is the biggest gift you can give yourself.
Breaking the spell that you need this or that to be content.

Ive been on both sides of the spectrum.
Because of my job, Ive been in some of the most posh hotels on the planet,
and Ive lived in a tipi in the cold Minnesota springtime in whipping winds,
and for some reason, I felt more REAL and authentic living in that tipi
and waking up in my forest garden every morning.
That tipi cost me $2,000 US and hoepfully Ill have it for decades.

No payments, no rent.

I could fit a queen sized bed, a kitchenette, and a futon in there
and it would be totally perfect. Again, simplicity. Why make life so complex?

Its complex enough...why overburden ourselves with all the expenses?

Because I have to fit in somewhat and because very few women
would ever EVER want to actually live in a tipi, Im sure I would have
to upgrade to a cute little cottage or a pre-fab eco home,
but again, the key is keeping it small and simple.
I dont want to be inside anyways.
I want my main LIVING ROOM to be my food forest.

This is the mentality that will free all those poor graduates
that need to hack away at the chains of their debt.

I feel so bad for them because now due to their debt,
they have to find a job that pays relatively well and instead
of using that money to buy their freedom out right,
they are using the money to slowly unlock themselves from the
iron grip of debt slavery. Its super lame and I hope anyone
who is in high school reading this will think LONG AND HARD
about biting that bait and getting hooked in.

You are free spirits on this Earth to create and play...
not to pay off loans and settle for one week vacations every year.

Please do not settle for so little.
Become organic gardeners and sell your extras.
Have workshops and classes on your property if you need to fund
some getaways, and look to take a holiday in places
that can be enjoyed for months in the winter, not just a week or two.

Life is short. Kind of. Its a long time to suffer from mediocrity though.
You have been given the gift of life in a human body,
and if you dont take advantage of it, perhaps you need to start from scratch
and become a vegetable again. If you see yourself as an angel here
to expand and explore, the idea of sitting around in an office and
watching the hours slowly tick away
(so you can pay off your debt and rent an temporary apartment)
TRULY doesnt even seem reasonable, yet even POSSIBLE.

Id rather live in a tipi. Honestly.
Deprogram and clean your hard drive.