Tuesday, June 14, 2011

30th Bday Giveaway and THANKS!

This was me a little over 10 years ago! All puffed out on breads and pasta.
Late night eating too...so much factory food! I was working out allot during
this time so that is a HUGE clue as to how WHOLE-istic this life needs to be.

My 20th Bday...Cheesecake! Not a bad option if its grass fed
and the sweetener is of a higher vibration than white sugar.
Think of the omega 3 vs omega 6 in the two different cheesecakes.

After being in this food game - Ive realized that omega 3 is
such a huge part of the game. If you win one of the 30 consultations,
I will definitely mention this. In this post Im going to mention a few things
so EVERYONE can really benefit.
Of course I would love it if you wanted to do a one 2 one consult
where I could give more specific feedback, but I want you all
to know here and now a basic guideline to how I live these days.

I live in a garden with frogs, chipmunks, woodchucks, eagles, and deer.
This is huge. Not only for my lungs but for my soul!
Im barefoot and grounded many hours of the day!
I drink from the underground aquifer 160 feet below this food forest.
So not only am I eating food from the surface that I grow with love,
but Im also drinking the ancient water filtered thru the bedrock below it.

Being a model, I have to have a good blend of lean muscle mass.
Not too big that I cant fit into a well-cut suit for work,
but not to skinny that people would be asking me about my diet
so that they could PROPERLY AVOID IT.

I remember Dawn always telling me how I was so skinny
when we first met - and thats when I thought I was really tuned in too.

I was way too skinny back then...my agent even told me that I looked
like a bobble-head doll! These messages come at the right time.

At first I went to more fat but still raw vegan.
Coconut oil (coconuts in general are just perfect), avocado,
olive oil *check out Rallis olive oil from greece its amazing*...
And that helped...my rollercoaster eating habits were now fading away.
The low fat just had me constantly thinking about food...i would crave and then
eat the worst stuff as if I was a junky...something was not working.

I had really secluded myself from information outside the raw vegan world.
Once I finally tapped into Patrick Timpone at OneRadioNetwork.com
(Support Patrick! The man is putting out so much free info!)
I began to finally expand my horizons.
I heard interviews from ex-vegans who now became more
into the grass-fed Weston Price style diets and their stories
completely mirrored mine. The bad digestion, the cravings...

I decided to try it...starting with Goat Kefir.
As soon as I started to sip it...a lightbulb turned on.
Rarely have I felt that ah-ha moment but it happened then.
Whether it was all the grass-based minerals packaged in that wonderfully
absorbable delivery system known as milk
or maybe it was all the probiotics? Who knows...nevertheless it sent
me on a path and now over two years later I am so happy and
keeping lean muscle mass without so much intense daily exercise.
Im of northern european descent so I can digest lactose easily,
but this was fermented milk...kefir...so the lactose was already gone.

Fat burns CLEAN and slow. Carbs burn fast...whether or not one wants to say
they burn dirty is their opinion, but they do burn fast and I was tired of
constantly eating all damn day. This was so new for me.

So what do I eat now? Egg dishes...with the yolks barely cooked.
I use Franky G's Mexican spice with grass fed cheddar and eggs and
its the most simple but amazing breakfast I make.

I eat a fair amount of Sardines now...usually from Canada.
I like sardines because they are a fish from colder waters
so the human presence is still very low.
In addition to that, they are very low on the food chain,
so they haven't accumulated toxins spewed out by humans.
Brisling sardines (very small ones) would ideally be the best,
having only fed on phytoplankton until they are caught.

Im doing lots of grass fed butter, coconut milk, rhubarb, berries...
Raw milk too. I found a great resource 15 min away so Im hooked!
Ive been making a great coconut soup and at the end i put a big
handful of rhubarb....im going to film it today!!

those are my major supplements besides the green powders,
especially chlorella and spirulina. They are huge!
If you are aiming towards veganism, the Sunwarrior stuff along with
the good fats and hi omega 3 items are CRUCIAL.

Im just speaking from my experience. I got the results I wanted
from these techniques and found it to be far easier than in my
early days of low fat veganism. It could be my body type,
or it could be humanity in general (im nudging towards the second).
I know that its real nutrition that our human bodies AND BRAINS need.
I think thats a big part of it...feeding our brains.
The original ratio for 3 to 6 is 1:1.
The modern diet is around 1:20 or even 1:50.
Inflamed overweight people are the result.

The foods pushed by the "authorities" have very little omega 3s
and simply are loaded with toxins and additives.
I would feel guilty feeding a dog or cat that food - let alone my kids!

SO - for diet - HIGH OMEGA 3 (whether vegan or not)
Chia seeds are high in 3, as are leafy greens as well as macadamia nuts.
Those three items right there all make me very happy.
And for omnivores...animal products coming from animals eating their
natural diet which is completely loaded in Omega 3's and NOT 6's.
Higher fat worked for me bigtime. Try it and see.
Animal products and fermented foods were HUGE for me.

Water - Spring water as much as possible. Become a water snob.
Its what youre made of silly!
No filtered BS at the restaurant if you can help it!
Obviously many systems are very good at filtration, but mama nature...
she does it the best...nice and slow....nice and slow :)
Thank you Daniel, JS and Heidi, and Dhrumil for bringing Findaspring.com
to the world! It is a free resource that is a true gift to all of us willing to
take the MUCH NEEDED steps in these next years!

Working Out -

Here's the key - make it fun.
Check out Tracy Anderson on youtube or Bodyrock TV
Honestly they will kick your butt if you are female OR male.
Check out P90x too...it does work. For everyone.
Eat your superior diet while doing it
and really see the results.

Back to the key about making it fun. I mostly listen to interviews
on Oneradionetwork.com - They are perfect and Im really
able to get the workout done while enjoying what Im listening to.
Of course you can listen to music or watch tv -
Thats it. That way you can keep doing it.
I dont care what a person's workout routine is really like.
I know that if they have the results, its because they
are putting in time and sticking to the curriculum.
Consistently always gets the goods.
And they give it 100% at the end.
Make that last push up or pull up last forever...suspend yourself
in mid air until your muscles are so challenged that you have to stop.
Challenging your muscles (and yourself) is the only way to improve.

Go to the gym if you want to meet someone or enjoy the sauna-
otherwise youre wasting your time and your money -
and really exposing yourself to heaps of kooties in the locker room
and on the equipment - yeech! Too much! Then they spray it all down
with chemicals and all that...NO THANKS.

As for the gardening and permaculture food forests -
we are MEANT to live on a Paradise Planet.
The only question is whether or not you want to co-create
one for your descendants or not. Do it now - seriously.
Sitting around putting it on the back burner is the biggest possible
mistake you can make at a critical time like this.
I dont want to sound too extreme - but in 5 years you will be so
happy that you didnt wait any longer to get things planted and established.

Turning 30 is weird - its all BS calendar stuff anyways but it is a good
time to reflect on the last decade and start to manifest the next.
Im at a critical new chapter in my life - things are rapidly
manifesting and everything is now coming into place.
Everyone is waking up and tuning into the love and abundance
vibration and we are alive to witness it! Send love to each other!

In parting...WE ARE ANGELS.
I kid you not one bit. The cells in your body were once the cells of
the sun and before that the cells of a supernova.
You are walking around on this rock flying thru space.
Accumulated stardust contemplating itself. Pretty cool.

If we can simply (seriously!) tear down the division between Heaven and
Earth (which is just an illusion anyways) then we have arrived.
This is the grandest story HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.
Are you on the field or the sidelines? Really?
We have nothing to lose...we are eternally blessed with the gift of life.
Live as if you are in heaven. Do away with your old fearful & lacking self.
That person is gone anyways - everyday you choose who you are
and how you act. We can keep kicking the can or get on with
When talking to people,
when making food,
when driving to work,
when involved in commerce,
when planting your garden with your loved ones...
THINK ANGEL. You are. I know it might sound so cheesy to some,
but if you can really absorb the potential of that thought and simply
start LIVING it...just be nice to people...help others...it will make sense.
When you at last realize that you are helping your self by acting this
way, everything will crystallize. Im sure many of you realize this already.

Some people might say that Ive been too nice to people,
that I might be taken advantage of by some misguided folks.
I say let people try to take advantage of you - they will only let
their nature be shown to you sooner. Be nice no matter what.
Never let the lower vibrations of others bring yours down...
keep the high vibe and send out good energy!
Screw the naysayers lol! Dont be a doormat of course...
have a backbone...but come from love and KNOW
that you are indeed in good hands.

We are so blessed its a joke. Its not even fair really.
Some reading this have seen and maybe even experienced real poverty
in their lives...but many of us get it thru the TV screen.
We have it so good...so good.
Walking thru Kathmandu or Phnom Penh...you see
that we are all just friggin whiners in the west.
Seeing people living so simply really inspired me
to design for simplicity with my garden...
the true teachers are not always so obvious!

So........an early congrats to the winners!
I look forward to helping you along your path!
Eat REAL food, make exercise fun, Replant Paradise in your
heart and in your yard, and know that you really are an Angel.
Now all we have to do is act like it! :)
Enjoy the vid if you havent seen it yet!
Garden more in your undies!