Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moon Landing ponderings again

I go back and forth with this.
Honestly, now I believe at the time in 1969,
it had morphed into such a propaganda machine
that they simply had to produce a successful
landing and the 100% sure-fire way to do it was to fake it.

Why send humans there the first time?
Why the trickery seen in this video???

with Jay Weidner, and he recently produced a film
claiming that Stanley Kubrick was involved in this as well,
and that 1968's "2001: A Space Odyssey" was the prep for that.

WTF? Seriously listen to that interview and do some situps and push ups.
Watch that vid and do some boxing torso twists. Why not?
Multi-task if at all possible.
At least stretch a bit ;)

So where does this leave us?
If this has really been a massive lie for the past 40 years,
what else are these people capable of?
Im sure you can imagine.

if by chance anyone of dark intent is spying
(as if this is really THAT important?)
I would just like to send love to you and ask you
to plant a forest garden for your family and others you care about.
This can truly be a paradise planet and we can all have a really
great time without all the fuss and disappointment.
Sending love to you and yours...

I can't blame the LBJ/Nixon crew for getting this all set up.
Look at the political situation-Russia, Vietnam, China and really
the rest of Asia...definitely an acidic environment that they were
spreading all over the place...people HATED these guys!
One can only wonder what the diets were like...Im sure someone
out there has a good idea...truly the best could have been had them.
Were they ultra-mineralized?
Shining pillars of health due to their financial resources?
Im thinking probably not. No way.
The food-health connection wasn't common until pretty recently.

But to really fake the moon landing? Really?

I get a bad feeling of truth when I watch that vid.
Like when I saw the grassy knoll vids with "badgeman"...
it really makes me feel scared because I just FEEL that
cold spot of evil somehow...yeeeeks!

Sending love to everyone on fb really does fill a person up right?
Damn...I dont blame anyone for forgetting birthdays,
im horrible at it myself to the point of trying to convince others
how trivial it all is lol...ANYWAYS...facebook really gives us that gentle
nudge that can really turn someone's otherwise mundane bday -
(like mine for example...very mellow with parents but PERFECT
for the timing really...truly the perfect thing for me)-
into something that leaves them feeling REALLY good
when they are laying in bed later on that evening.

Sending love!

How do we go from faked moon landings to this? :)