Saturday, February 26, 2011

Picked, Cured, and ENJOYED!

These ended up better than I ever expected.

The olives I picked in this vid:

are still in their brine. However, I did a salt pack with
the really ripe ones, and they became edible so fast and ended up
so tasty that Im completely sold on the method.

I used a burlap sack, which ended up leaving little burlap
hairs that had to be picked and washed off - big pain in the butt.

The best way would be to use a nut mylk bag or a cheese cloth.
Wrap all the olives with salt so the salt roughly touches most of
the olives. They dont have to be completely engulfed in salt.

They should hang so the water pulled off from the salt can drip.
I would let this moisture drip into a can so you can use it for
mixing with your water for your vegetable garden. Good minerals!

I can't see it taking more than one month. There are still ripe
olives hanging on the trees in Phoenix and Im going to make it
a point to collect as many as I possibly can before they all fall and shrivel up.

To think that SUCH AMAZING ABUNDANCE gets swept up and trashed
every single year completely reflects the insanity of this culture.

All you need is a cheesecloth and some sea salt! COME ON!!!

The abundance is everywhere my friends...all you have to do is
just look around and open your eyes and your heart.
The world of lack belongs to the the wild and free-range
people out there, food and medicine abounds and we are all happy.

Ill keep you posted on the brine cure...they are getting close but
still a little too bitter to enjoy...stay tuned!