Friday, February 25, 2011

Greetings from the Grand Canyon

we were up at the Grand Canyon this week with friends
and the scenery DEMANDED some filming!

I really hope to see whoever can come to the conference -
life changing talks and tons of one on one visits.

We are doing giveaways to whoever gets a ticket thru our referrals -
Get your tickets and the $50 discount and we'll send you some thank
you gifts - any money we make on referrals go right into the food forests!
Get your passes HERE.

This conference is much more informative than Raw Spirit...
come if you want information that will take your health strategies
to the next level - there is nothing out of date here and you arent
going to hear the same old "Why I went Raw" stories like at Raw spirit.

Raw Spirit is a great time, but I feel that i learned SO much more at
the Longevity Now Conference...see you there!