Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Planting in the Veggie Patch!!

with inspirational books like the one above
(great portions are dedicated to wildharvesting and esp wild greens)

HUGE things will be sprouting up this spring.

2011 is the year of new growth,
and we are being prodded by so many to head in this direction,
so let us take the hint and thereby assume the destined role we so rightfully deserve
in the increase joy and responsibility of being our own food producers
and wild-foragers...I feel that this will soon be our future whether
we are ready for it as a pastime or not...so why not land softly?

Imagine yourself on a sunny hillside filling your basket
with wild greens like lambsquarters and nettles...all
going into your salads and soups for the evening.
Total abundance all around you where there once was scrub grass.

Dont yearn for paradise and abundance...PLANT IT!