Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Naked Body Butter available now :)

Alexandra has come up with an amazing body butter
that she actually makes herself...
because we all love how it turned out, we decided that it would
be a great product to offer to everyone.

She makes it herself at home in small batches,
and she was very adamant about not skimping on ingredients.

Being a guy, Im not as tuned into the body butter scene lol,
but after using this, I have found it to be really nice while
being in the sun and I use it on my lips and hands as well.

She cuts open the vanilla beans herself and gently melts all the butters
until everything marries perfectly - once you simply SMELL this product
youll know that there is something special about it.

We DEEPLY have to realize that what we put on our skin gets absorbed
into our bodies...LOOK AT THE LABELS!!!
Ive found veeeerrrry few products that dont have some weird additive in it,
and most manufacturers use water and fillers to stretch out their product.
Check out ingredients and youll see she made no compromises.
Full lipid goodness...your body will thank you.

Awesome stuff...check out the rest of the details HERE.
And again, we are using the profits to plant food forests and spread
the word about replanting paradise...this is catching on like wildfire.