Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Matt and Angela plants our Superfood Seed Collection!

I was smiling from ear to ear while watching this...
its such a pleasure to see a young, happy couple starting their own
paradise, and to know that some of our seeds are a part of that wonderful
space gets me right in my think that these seeds will multiply
by the tens of thousands in the next few years and provide so much
nutrition and beauty for them and their loved ones is just too cool.

Thank you so much you two...Im so happy to see everything evolving so
quickly and cant wait to see how everything looks when we come down to
visit in person! Biggest hugs ever...tons of love and thanks for the
dedication to Selim - he was probably my closest male friend this past
year and not having him around really left an empty spot in our hearts.

Knowing that his memory lives on in these Spaces of Love gives
me such a good feeling inside, and Im honored to be friends with you both.

Thanks for the care package too...Alexandra is HOOKED on the chlorella
tablets and I personally thanked Steve Adler for making such amazing almond
butters just last night...a funny synchronicity to learn that he made it!

Anyways, thanks again and know that youre loved by all of us here and
let myself and the princess warriors of blackbird know if we can ever do
anything to help your space and your vision of Paradise on Earth :)

Biggest hugs ever :)