Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wild Food Foraging...FOR OUR CHICKENS!

Take your foraging to a new just doesnt have to be for you!
This was a breakthrough for me...we are putting in so many wild nutrients
into our hens and they are just soooo happy...the yolks are getting better
and better everyday. My mind is racing with possibilities!

Prickly pears into chickens into eggs into us :)
And they LOVE the seeds...which we cant eat. So happy about this.

So think about it...grass clippings, leaves, stuff that we might not want.
I plan on taking this to new levels - who knows where it can lead?
And the spines havent been a problem as far as I can tell,
when I put them in the coop I step on them so they get right to the good juices.

So think about this if you are teaming up with animals,
your options can be greatly expanded and their nutrition will surpass
any junk sold in a bag at the grocery store.