Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hardcore Chickens

These little feathered dinosaurs roam our desert food forest...
The black one above ate a fatty scorpion the other day as we
were building our vegetable patch.

I lifted up a large rock and saw so many little critters underneath it.
I grabbed one of the girls and brought her over to the scene and pointed
at the bugs for her...little did I know that I was also pointing at a
really plump bark scorpion that was overwintering under that rock.

She ignored the little bugs and started attacking the scorpion.
Two hard pecks - one to the tail and one to the back put the scorpion
out but it was still wriggling in her mouth as she was walking away from
the scene...I was so worried that it was going to sting her.
Then she just tilted her head back and swallowed the whole thing.

She is still alive and very well...I swear they are feathered dinosaurs.
So....scorpion eats little critters.
Chicken eats scorpion.
Chicken lays eggs from nutrients of said scorpion.
We eat those wonderfully golden eggs.
We crumble up the shells and feed them back to the chickens.
Chicken poops out scorpion and we use it on our gardens for nutrients.
Loving it all...

More on this wonderful veggie patch soon!!!!