Thursday, January 6, 2011

(blue manna icy! WHAAAT?????)
Im putting a big shout-out to Bethanne Wanamaker
of the great site

I met Bethanne at the Longevity Now Conference a few months
ago and her radiating kindness was felt by everyone.

She has a wonderful Ebook out titled Superfood Beauty Elixirs -
HERE are three free recipes from that book.

She is a wonderful soul and if you can support her mission in any way,
myself and everyone at Blackbird would really appreciate it.

Her site has so many goodies on it -
check out this insanely good pumpkin pie recipe that we made a couple
weeks ago for the holidays! TOTAL FRIGGIN HIT!

We love you B!!! Keep up the lightwork!!!

-Anthony and the Ladies of Blackbird Naturals