Monday, February 22, 2010

Truffle Giveaway! No joke! Pt 2

No replies to this one please...keep replying to the original post.

Ok wow...why dont all of you share such wisdom all the time?

I was just going to give out one dozen, but Im so happy with
the great response that Ill be giving out two more.

SO keep those comments coming!
Your chances just tripled!

Im doing lots of consultations these days too,
and I realized that donating one of those every so often
is a great idea too. People seem to really enjoy them (including me)
and hopefully I can pass on some one-to-one info to someone
who might not be able to fork over $50 for the phone call. there you have it, keep those comments flowing
and Ill pick three by the end of the week.
Ill mail them out by the weekend.
When you win, Ill ask you what style (vegan or grass-fed)
that you want as well as the coating of your choice.
(cashews, pistachio, nibs, or bee pollen).

Im SO inspired by what everyone is up to.
No matter what we eat, self-reliance and resourcefulness
is THE trait to have in these next few years.
Adapt that mentality to whatever youre eating at the moment,
and things will be way less stressful for you and your loved ones.

Big hugs!