Sunday, February 21, 2010

Truffle Giveaway! No joke!

I want to thank everyone for the good energy
about the chocolates. Im finally feeling that my
inner-purpose is lining up with something that
can make some money. Its a good feeling. Right livelihood!

My path is a funny one. Modeling is a gift and a curse.
In a way, it gave me the FREE TIME, not necessarily the money,
to learn more and expand my horizons about food, religion,
languages, self improvement...all that fun stuff.

In another sense, it has been a bit of an anchor.
I am not a fan of NYC anymore...sure its a great city,
but its a big city nevertheless. A big city filled with pollution
and was always so hard to walk away from the career,
because there was always that chance that I could strike it big.

Its seriously like gambling.
I would never know when I would land a big fish (a job)
and it always made me wonder if I was missing out on something.
Usually, the numbers just dont add up. You will hopefully
get about 10% of the jobs you audition for, and some times
are busier than others, but there was really no way to improve
your chances with the career besides staying fit and
having relatively-decent social skills.

It felt so that a word even?
Well...I really felt that way.

Its all changed now though.

Eventually, Ill be hosting retreats and there is always the
consulting, but the truffles are just so hot right now.

Shoot me a comment on this post and Ill send you a dozen or so...
I promise that I wont pick favorites.

Just comment...but say something cool.
Dont say something lame.
Here's an idea...say something about how you are helping
to become more self-sufficient.

Home-brewing? Making fermented foods at home?
Growing your own produce? Buying in bulk?
Springwater?? Anything is good...just share with all of us
so we have the chance of picking up on some good ideas.

I love you guys...I think we are really on the cutting edge with all this,
and the vast majority of you know that Im a decent guy and am
in this to spread the thanks so much.
Reading comments is a big joy for me, and Im always glad to help out. shoot me a comment!

After the truffles...who knows what else will be on the table?
Milk kefir grains? A data dvd with lots of good music?
We will see...once every 2 weeks should be good,
and I get freebies from some companies so I can
definitely pass that along.
*Hint* if you have a company and want me to pass stuff
along to readers, email me!

Everybody loves freebies, and all you have to do is comment
so dont be shy! Lets here your tips to self-suffciency!