Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Permaculture Update Feb 2010

This was my very recent order to St Lawrence Nursery
all the waaaay up in Potsdam NY.
I truly hope that this is the last big order I have to make.

Most of these items are going into the expanded areas
of the property which I started cleaning out this winter.
Im in the process of editing those videos now.

See the deck up there? This is the western mini-valley.
This whole area is going to be a big wildflower meadow
surrounded by a living fence made up of hazelnuts,
serviceberries, sea buckthorn, buffaloberries, and
currants wherever there is still shade...cant wait!
Im also planting lots of flowers that hummingbirds love.
We have lots up in there already but I really want to support them.

Here are some aerial shots from about one year ago,
they are the most recent ones I have and I was elated
to finally see the dome and the deck from the air.

Its hard to see all the trees and bushes I planted!
But I assure you that they are there.
See that pile of logs near the road?
That is where I did two rows of grapes,
about 100 feet each running the length of the road until
the woods begin again. Those logs...I spread them out and
just halfway buried them so they could soak up water.
The idea of chopping them all up and burning them seemed
like a really big waste of time and energy
and anyways...I want to use them as sponges to hold up excess water.

I had some plastic covering a few parts of the inner garden
to keep things a little extra warm. It did pay off.
I was able to plant tomatoes in this spot way earlier.

The octagon deck has been surrounded with
gooseberries, grapes, and soon...hardy kiwis.
Underneath I am starting mushroom logs this spring.
In the front of the deck, its about 2 feet off the ground,
but in the back its about 10 feet...perfect for hanging out
when the sun is too strong.
The satellite pics are always in the spring...I wish you all
could see aerial pics in the summer when everything is
thriving and green...I wish I could see that too haha.

I did an interview last night with Lisa Marie and Mo
of the Sweet Peas Podcast and we talked all about permaculture.
She mentioned that people can be really intimidated by
the term permaculture and I told her that I like to use
the term "Food Forests" and even edible landscaping when
telling new people all about this kind of stuff.
Its sounds way more approachable and not so
I know permaculture is way more detailed, but you see my point.

Im going to be a busy guy in early may planting everything...
Im going to order a decent amount of black soil and compost
to really cover the area well and start things off right.
Please....invest big time in your soil and you will never regret it.

Remember...plant a $10 hole for a $1 tree.
Show it love and it will have such a better chance of making it.

Anyone else have cool aerial shots of their project?
I use bing maps...WAY better (or way more intrusive?)
than google maps which is so outdated and blurry.
It totally depends on your area, but hopefully you can get
a good look at your space of love and your surrounding area.
It gives a really fresh perspective of your environment.

My Space of Love! You never forget your first!