Thursday, September 24, 2009

Glenn Beck and Catie Couric

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I just watched this and thought Id put it on for everyone.

If you watched it, what did you think?

I think as a society, we have to think of it as more of a divide
between those who want true peace and freedom
around this wonderful world we have been given,
and those that make billions on the business of war and wage slavery.

Why have we made ourselves so dependent on their food, water,
and electricity (and MONEY)? Would it not be worth it to produce our own instead?

I just found the grainy satellite pic of my place in MN!
I believe this was taken in march or late fall last year.
I planted alot more in there this summer, and Im
excited to see what it looks like now with the green "carpeting".

And if you measure the angle from the greenhouse to the dome,
it aligns perfectly with Orion's belt on the summer solstice.



That would be pretty crazy if I actually did that.
Im sure someone 10,000 years into the future could find that it
matches up to some constellation and say that some
primitive? civilization was onto something.

Can you tell which spot the garden is at?