Friday, September 25, 2009


This is a little graphic at times,
but definitely a good watch.

Think about this -
Those who produce food for 95% of the population
have to report many things on their labels,
but not GMOS? WHY?
Don't we have the right to know in the USA? THE WORLD?

Why the secrecy?

Many people get it through corn syrup, soy and canola oil,
and probably so much more.

When you get really deep into cleansing
you start to feel as if everything is out to harm you.
Im definitely overdue for a cleanse but Ive been there.

Lets get the parents off of conventional meat and dairy at the very least.
Those animals are concentrating GMO feed into their tissues. Yikes.

If you cut GMO's out of your life,
your basically removing all processed foods,
which will totally cleanse you depending on
how much leafy greens you eat.

The whole gmo diet has got to become a sad memory of the past.