Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Current pics and MN Permie pic

I am surely a gardener at heart, but I still DO model.

Here is a page from

I just found this today and heard from a friend that
the Clark's campaign is out now too, let me know if you see it
anywhere. I havent see it yet.

I want to send words of encouragement and thanks
to everyone who Ive spoken with lately about diet/lifestyle!
The conversations have been so great, and I know
only big things are happening for you...stick with it!

I just drew out the new layout of the permaculture project too.
Just in pencil, check it out:

Click on it for a better read. There is more action
taking place on the right and left as well, but this is
pretty inclusive for now. The trees are NOT that big yet :(

And where there is white, its actually green. There is no exposed
gravel anymore. Carpeted with clover and good grasses.

I dont have a Tipi on the deck, but I want something circular up there.

I see myself continously shaving off more and more of the brush and
planting nuts and fruits in there. Piece by piece...

What a joy to create though, cant recommend it enough.