Monday, June 29, 2009

Heading Back to MN

I envy most permaculturists.
They get to be with their projects nearly all of the time.
I'm perpetually waiting for the chance to get back and
start working on my site again...waiting for pictures
and asking my parents questions about how the place looks.

Here are some pics: looked like this on may 22nd:

My sister told me that its unbearable inside...
hot, muggy, and full of spiders.
To me, that is a dome TEEMING with life.
If there are spiders in there, that is a GREAT sign
that there is lots of life. I want predators in there!

Here are some pics of the sq foot gardens.
This is where I am growing most of my summer plants.

May 22nd and now

Obviously I have some weeding to do.

No one in my family pulls weeds.
Their reasoning is that they know how I value most plants
and they are scared of pulling up something of worth.

There is just so much going on in those pictures,
and I'm a bit overwhelmed and excited at the same time.
My dad told me that we have thistles taller than 6 feet. Crazy.

I have more tomatoes to put in, more mulching and biomass
gathering to do. All the hard labor stuff. Seriously, if you need
to get in shape, become a permaculturist. Its practically
impossible not to get fit when you are out there digging
and "working" all day long. Its good for mental and spiritual
health as well. All the ills of humanity can be solved with a garden.