Tuesday, June 9, 2009

P90X Update

After moving out of our sublet with the gym on the ground level,
my workouts have slowed up a bit. It was so convenient
to be able to go into the yoga studio with the laptop and crank
out an hour of p90X. I've been doing the push-up routines
as well as the ab ripper X, but Im lacking the space for
the boot-camp workouts. Those were some of the best ones.
I love the kempo workout too...it goes by fast and it leans you out.

One of the best things about p90x is the fact that you don't
need machines anymore. Some basic weights (5-35lbs) and a pull-up
bar is pretty much it. I figured out how to do pull ups in our space now,
and I am sore again from trying them out yesterday.

I really believe that consistency is the key, and giving it that 100%
at the very end of the workout. Immediately after finishing up,
I make a breakfast smoothie...which usually is comprised of:

Bee Pollen, Blueberries, Mango, Spinach, Spirulina.
That is more of a fruity green smoothie.

If Im going a bit thicker, I will do the hemp milk.
As that as the base, Ill add in honey, maca, milk thistle seed, and
even some goji berries again. Adding in greens is not a bad idea either,
just be conscious and honest about any digestive problems if they come up.
It might be better to save the greens for something else.

I did blend up some coconut kefir the other day with strawberries,
and that was insanely good. Throwing on hempseeds at the end was perfect.

Here's a dandy:
Chia-Hempseed pudding.

I'll make a simple hemp milk with sea salt and honey,
then stir in about a 1/4 cup of chia, and 1/4 cup of hempseed.

This is so great. The hardest part is waiting ten minutes
for it to congeal. I have also added raisins and dried cherries to this.

I think it would be a perfect one for kids too...if they dig oatmeal,
I really believe that they would love this.

I highly recommend looking into P90X.
Its a varied workout that focuses on bodyweight,
and is fast and thorough. The instructor, Tony Horton,
is enjoyable to listen to and motivational when things get difficult.

If anyone else has done this or is doing it, please fill us in on your experience.
This is one that requires no gym membership, can be done quickly,
and isnt focused on heavy repetitive motions. It strongly focuses
on agility and endurance as well. Check it out.