Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Great Daniel Vitalis Talk

In the past 4 months I feel that I have made some major leaps forward.

Not only with food, but water.
I no longer drink water out of plastic bottles.
I'm saving $2 each day because of this,
and even if I wasn't, I still would never purchase this stuff
again unless I had to. I'm assisting a major event planner
in the city right now, and the other day he got me a bottle of
Fiji water, and when I tasted it, I sadly could taste the plastic.

Never before had I detected that from Fiji water.
I bring my glass jar around with me everyday, or my Sigg,
and because its so hydrating, the 32 oz will last me quite a while.

If you cant get springwater yourself, find someone who does
and maybe pay them to fill up your bottle and bring it back
to you the next day. Or contact Mountain Valley Spring and set up
a delivery service. After you drink good springwater, try tasting
distilled water again, and you'll be certain that distilled water is...
well, some people have referred to it as "Dead"
and now I finally know and feel what they meant.

Anyways, Daniel explains this all wonderfully in these videos.
He is doing an event with Gnosis in NYC soon, and I hope to
be around to attend and finally speak with him in person.

Enjoy the videos...they are REALLY worth the time.
Try doing some stretches while watching to multi-task.

I hope you got something out of this.
No matter what we decide to eat,
if we are consuming junk water,
we are missing 75% of the picture.

If you want to take it further,
learn more about Daniel's program HERE.