Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Clearing things up and THANKS

I want to thank EVERYONE for the time and emotion
put into all the responses. I am happy to see that most
of us on here are understanding and open-minded.

I want to clear up a few things,
not to explain myself, but to spread some more ideas.

Factory farming is killing this planet. No doubt.
There is absolutely nothing positive in my mind about it.
Humans act like Nazis towards these animals.
We waste so much land raising monoculture crops to feed these doomed
souls as well, which could be converted into pasture and food forests.

If you choose to add in some kefir, yogurt, or eggs, or anything else,
be conscious of where it comes from and the quality.
We get biodynamic dairy, and pasture raised eggs.
I wouldnt DREAM of eating stuff from factory farms. EVER.
Support your LOCAL farmer who takes care of the land and the animals.

Its all about grass-fed. If not, I would suggest looking elsewhere.
Another thing...kefir and yogurt are not the same as regular milk.
Of course, it comes from the same source, but it is converted by microflora.
Kefir acts very differently in our body than regular milk.

And our land needs grazing animals. Almost all the buffalo
are gone, and the land needs hooves to aerate it.
Free-range animals manage pests and keep the soil healthy.
Many vegans kind of forget about the entire cycle of life and nature.
And I find it fitting that most vegans live in cities.

Veganism is a noble idea, but its not feasible in the long term.
The idealism has turned many people into fanatics.
For example...here is a response from an 80-10-10 person.

Get ready...

"ANTHONY!! you starved yourself on your fruit phobia!!!
you starved yourself all the way back to cooked food and animal products!!

look at you 'crying' with your fake white teeth and
claiming you give a fuck about the animals!!! you all about vanity bro.
doing billboards for target etc. you want peeps to like you and
your prepared to sell out to your animal friends to get the 'approval' of public opinion.

save your soul and get a copy of 811.
we eat 100% raw vegan and get ENOUGH calories from fruits!!

Is this what some 80-10-10 people are like? Wow...

contact him at veganbobster@gmail.com
to share your thoughts with him.

All the ignorance filled in that post leaves me shaking my head.
But whatever, Im not even going to give my energy to that.

See what I mean? Would you want to be friends with this person?
How is someone like that going to inspire the mainstream to eat
more local and organic foods? Who will he turn on with a mentality like that?

One more thing...Im simply ADDING this stuff in.
My original diet of greens, superfoods, fruits, hemp, nuts, and seaweeds
is still the same. I wouldnt want to take any of those items out.

The eggs and kefir is a small percentage, but I feel far more liberated
to not beat myself up and exclude myself because of my diet anymore.

Again, I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness
and thoughtful writings. Many of you should be writers!

In the spirit of evolution, thriving, and open-mindedness...