Monday, June 15, 2009

Kefir Madness

*note...These are clothes from work, not my own.
Although I may be the only person in the world to have
made kefir in a Prada suit. Me attempting to look dignified
does not help things much. This suit could plant MANY trees.

This looks like cottage cheese, but it is actually sweet coconut-ginger kefir.
The effervescence and moderate sourness to this drink, tied in with
the sweetness of the coconut and zing of ginger was beyond words.
I just kept shaking my was that good.

Before I start this (not knowing how long it will be),
let me give you a few essentials.

Wiki Kefir

The clean basics to the world of kefir.

Dawn did some great posts about our early kefir
experiments on her blog. Check them out.

Her first post about kefir

Her second post about kefir

Kefir Links:

For us in the US, buying kefir grains from Marilyn
the kefir lady
is IMO the only way to go.

Support cottage industries and quality.

Dom the kefir king is a great resource and supplier worldwide.

Amanda Love does a very informative interview about kefir
with Patrick it HERE.

So we ordered our kefir grains -

(this pic is from Dom's site)

which look like those above,

from Marilyn the Kefir Lady in Ohio.

They arrived quick and all the info we needed was there.

We started with the water kefir grains,
which are adapted to feed on sugar water...
whether thats coconut water, honey, turbinado, or raw cane sugar.
They don't prefer acid acidic juices.
The plain coconut water turns a little sulfuric after a while as well.
What they really like is the cane sugar. Go figure.

The standard kefir grains feed on lactose.
They really thrive on fresh milk.

Dom and Marilyn prefer goats, and I can understand why
after now trying both (biodynamic cow and pasture-raised goat).
Goat is in my opinion far superior for kefir.
Maybe some other mammal is better!?!

There is an elk farm 30 miles from where I live in MN.
I see them in the pasture whenever we drive by.
I wonder what that milk would be like? Or buffalo? What the...??

(ginger pear kefir)
We made a wonderful ginger pear kefir during our first time,
and still make it now. A creamy coconut kefir is my favorite.
And the goat kefir is sour and creamy and pretty powerful.
Amanda Love uses the term medicinal, and I think I may
have felt what she was talking about.
The first cold sip of goat kefir of your life. Let us know what you thought
if you ever decide to try it or have already experienced it.
When its REALLY cold...I'll just say that I was taken aback by the flavor.
The fermented grass-fed dairy (yogurt or kefir) ...
there just seems to be something pretty right on about it.
Im wondering if the bio-availability of the minerals
is better than directly juicing all that grass because
of the microflora's fermentation process.

Any ideas on that? I always assumed directly drinking
the juice was far better and CLEANER. Not all mucked up with
the animal fats that I believed I had no real need for anymore. Wha?
But now because of the probiotics? Where is this going?

If youre interested in possibly adding fermented dairy,
for you or YOUR KIDS and want to start with the best milk possible,
check out and look for local grass fed providers.
They often have many other goodies like honey, fruits and heirloom vegetables.
This is where you want to get your food.

If you have a spare half hour, read around Dom's site some more.
There is really something magical going on with kefir grains.

Here is a ginger-pear kefir blended with fresh strawberries.

I added hempseeds and ate it like a soup,
and dawn drank it out of the pint jar.

If you are looking for a new hobby, you just may have found it.
Youre problem will soon become that you have too many kefir grains
and will have to sell them off or eat them (which should also be done to
maximize probiotic possibilities). Pretty soon all of your friends and family
can be making kefir, and then all of a sudden everyone gets sick WAY less.

(our corner kitchen kefir lab)

Maybe this is in your vibration for a reason.
Loading the "gut" with good bacteria will protect
you from more than you think.
Do the research and consider making the commitment.

Everybody say P-R-O-B-I-O-T-I-C-S!