Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bill Maher on Obama

I really like Bill Maher.
I thought his movie "Religulous" was too crass
and offensive to actually enlighten some people,
but that's his style. His movie...he can do what he wants.

So tell me what you think about this video.

Do you think Obama is really doing enough so far?

And don't give me the "He's only one man!" excuse.
He has legions of people working for him, and an
entire nation standing behind him now.

He could ask that every American plant a fruit tree if possible.
Maybe he could tell us that our way of life is destroying the planet
and we need to SERIOUSLY rethink this whole
"Industrial Civilization" idea we've been experimenting with.
Maybe he could stand up to the insurance and pharmaceutical
companies that continue to finance sickness and rob people blind?

Are you happy with what he has or has not done?

I'm a little disillusioned. Are there really any changes??
I want him to lead this country and the world
to a brighter tomorrow...he has the following. People will
clearly listen and follow through with whatever he asks.

Do any of you think he was put in power to pacify the angry masses?

He is not a plumber. He does not have to be "on-site"
to fix a problem. Where's the delegation??