Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sun Rotations...

28 years ago today, my mother had to give birth
to a 9lb, 3oz baby boy. Her first.
Probably not the best way to start.

I had to be delivered C-Section because the umbilical cord
was wrapped around my neck.
Mom had an epidural, so things were a bit fuzzy from what I gather.

Today started with some P90X and a coconut kefir/juneberry smoothie.
I added in more coconut oil and sea salt to really make it birthday-worthy.
And dont forget the high quality hempseeds...always stored in the freezer.

My good.

While I was working out, we were listening to an
amazing interview of Amanda Love (from
Seriously everyone, download this mp3, and listen to it.

It really makes you think, and gets us to ask some hard questions.
I urge you to find an hour to listen to it.

We later went to the Museum of Natural History,
and saw "Cosmic Collisions" in the Planetarium
and "Wild Ocean" at the IMAX.
Both were stellar...especially cosmic collisions.
Totally worth it. TOTALLY.

We also saw the sunset at the "High Line",
which is the new park that was once an abandoned
railroad track. How cool is that? They planted so many
juneberries and they were all fruiting.

I am probably the first human to eat the high line juneberries.
Fitting since it was my birthday, and it's June.
Lots and lots of flowers, and tons of benches to relax on as well.

(photo courtesy of High Line...not Rawmodel)

New York just got a whole lot better...
if you come here to visit, be sure to plan an hour or
two in the early evening for this place.

Check out more HERE.

Huge thanks to Dawn for bringing me to these places today. I would never
do it by myself...Im too cheap and too lazy I suppose.
She got me out of the apt and we had an amazing day.
Thanks babe!!

Im really grateful for everything in my life.
We are all each others teachers and students.
The internet has enriched our lives in many ways,
and I want to thank all of you for taking the time out of
your busy schedules to read this blog.

You'll never know how much it means to me!
Im working on a "Raw Economics" post about
eating well and saving money, and I hope to have
two more youtube vids up by wednesday.

Anyways, thanks again!

Here is to continued growth and strength,
and courage without convictions.

-On my 28th Rotation...