Friday, June 19, 2009

Life in the Fat Lane

I was doing a shoot today, and while sitting around the studio
I noticed the cover of Allure Magazine.
It said something about happy mood-foods on the cover,
so I thought it was worth a look.

It mentioned omega 3's so naturally they focused WAY too
much on fish. Um...ever heard of heavy metals and PCBs?

Ever heard of ecosystems crashing because of fishing?
HOWEVER...I am admittedly uneducated about sustainable fishing
practices, so there are likely techniques that many would
find more agreeable. I'm sure individual research on the internet
will give one the answers they are looking for.

The magazine also mentioned chocolate and getting more good
fats in the system. When I read the paragraph above
I started laughing out loud! Too crazy.

Did we see a correlation?
So what fats to add?

Avocados, Coconuts, HEMP SEED...
there are so many really.

I now do my best to make it all digestible as possible.
Soaking nuts and seeds overnight is a GREAT step.

And NOT eating a big bag of cashews and dates in one
(late-night) sitting will give very positive results. Trust me.
That whole night was MISERABLE.

Anyways...back to digestibility...
Fermenting coconuts for a day or two
will add so much to that food.

I now drink 32 oz a day of coconut kefir and
digestion is GREAT.

Im also drinking the goat kefir,
which is adding even more kinds of probiotics in the system.

Which leads us the possibility of adding in some animal fats
to our diet...whether often or very occasionally.

Goat kefir, and pasture eggs is all I have ventured into.
Many would suggest straight animal fat and organ meats.
They have strong arguments, but I've yet to go in that direction.

Here was a revelation we had the other day,
and Im sure many of you out there have already thought of this.

We reasoned that if people who eat the standard processed diet
transitioned to a WHOLE FOOD diet with grass fed sustainably-raised
and hopefully local animal products (if they desire)....
a straight-up raw and a usually vegan diet,
they would have a much easier time eating healthy
and still be able to support more sustainable agriculture.
And then hopefully end up producing the food themselves.

That might be too wordy, but Im sure you see where
Im going with steps.
If I wanted my dad to eat better,
maybe I would have more "success" if I encouraged
him to eat grass-fed meat and dairy,
and/or high quality pastured organic eggs...
and then just minimize the starches and refined faux-foods
and eat as much local fare as possible.

Instead of -

Telling him he could no longer eat meat,
cheese, milk, burgers, cereal, omlettes....
All the stuff many Americans still LOVE?

Too much cutting out, instead of adding in quality.
And its too big of a jump...obviously.

Maybe introducing family and friends to local growers
and suppliers is better than preaching about raw veganism?

Just thought Id share...