Saturday, March 7, 2009

THE Movie to Watch

I a big fan of torrents...downloading way too much.

I commonly look for videos about permaculture,
and since I hadnt been on the site for a while,
I found a few amazing ones.

The one I have to share with all of you is this one.
One Man, One Cow, One Planet.
I have never seen a better movie about the future
of farming and the power of biodynamic methods.

I watched the video for free, but am going to order
the real deal because:
1. I really want to support this cause and,
2. Its better quality and I can show it at events.

Here is the trailer.

So well produced, so informative and UPLIFTING.
Isnt that what we need nowadays???
PLEASE watch this video any way that you can.
The DVD is around $25, but its around 90 minutes
long and its a movie that can be watched again and again.
And it would TRULY change the life of most people who watch it.


You can get the video at as well as many
other great books. Organic is for the USDA. Biodynamic is for
those who really care about sustainability and soil health.

We are off to NY now...Miami was actually pretty lame.
It was cloudy and cold the whole time, and the only fruits
we got were sapodillas at the fruit tree nursery.

You walk around, and see coconut trees everywhere.
You walk inside Whole Foods, and you see coconuts from Vietnam.
I've really got to learn how to climb those trees.

PLEASE check that video out! Look it up on Amazon too for more
reviews and information. I cant wait to show it to my family.