Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chocolate Party and Urban Gardening Beforehand...

Its the annual Fruit Tree Planting Foundation
Chocolate for Charity event.
And I'm missing it by ONE DAY.
So lame...seriously.

Anyways, the last time I went I ate so much
cacao that I had a headache. It was great though.
Its an unreal price ($25) to attend if you are a chocolate fan.

If you are going to be in town earlier in the day,
I would suggest adding in a little urban gardening
info to your experience before heading over to the party.

The Lowdown:

WHAT: Free Urban Gardening Class

In this class we will be going over the details of designing and
constructing a garden in the Urban and Suburban setting.
Additionally, we will be answering any gardening
related questions that people might have.

WHERE: Open Road Community Garden 420 E 12th St New York, NY 10009
We'll be in the green house if the weather is bad.

WHEN: Sunday 3/08 at 3pm

WHO: Ke Xu (Suburban Backyard Gardener)
COST: Free to attend. Optional Fee of up to 5 dollars.

SPONSOR: Tri-State Food Not Lawns


You'll have a great day in the East Village.
You can go to this event at three,
sharpen up on your urban permie know-how,
and then if you are hungry, you can
head over to Quintessence or Pure Food and Wine for a bite.
After a good meal (save room for dessert of course)
head over to the the Kush Lounge (just south of Whole Foods)
and have an amazing time with all the folks over there.

What a great day, right? Really wish I could be there.

If any of you do go to this class, let me know
how it went...Id really like to know.

Anyways, in honor of the FTPF,
I bought a cacao tree from Pine Island Nursery
two days ago...price? $25!!!!
Cacao is a wonderful houseplant (tree)
because it likes shade. It can be planted in an
already established forest.
So don't hesitate. Check out Pine Island and see
what the shipping cost is. Nevertheless...they are great
looking trees and it seems that you can totally
grow them inside. The guy there told me it would
be fine in a container, so we'd be all set.

I also bought a Miracle Fruit tree,

a Soursop (Guanabana)

and another pink guava (in case mine got bit too hard by the cold).

They are our new companions on the drive.
Luckily they are fairly small so we can fit them pretty easily.
Id gladly get rid of my luggage to fit them in the car anyways.