Monday, March 9, 2009

Sublet Drama...

Hopefully some can learn from someone else's mistake.

When subletting an apartment, LOOK at it first
before putting money down. Its not worth the risk.
We thought we found a good deal, and wanted to lock it in.
We saw the pics, and they looked good enough,
and we knew the neighborhood well.
Seemed like a sure win, but it was not.
The place was filthy, and there was mold all over
the bathroom. We felt trapped, and spent all of
last night cleaning it while we were supposed to go
to the FTPF Chocolate for Charity Party.

We later discovered that the landlord of the place
found out that the original renter was subletting,
and told him that we could not stay there.
So it actually worked out really well.
We wanted to leave, and this was our chance.

After unloading the car the night before,
we brought everything back down.
Then I found out that I was 2 minutes too slow
in moving my car and I got a friggin parking ticket.

Was I vibrating this? What is going on here?

I listen to a good amount of Abraham-Hicks,
and it leads me to feel that everything happening in
my life is because I vibrated it? Really?
Maybe I was just making my smoothie too damn
slow and got down to the car too late?

Well...the search continues. We are fortunate enough
to have good friends that we can stay with.

I just don't know about New York though...or any city.
I don't feel its conducive to real sanity.
Am I running away from challenges?
Some people would think that my Minnesota project
is like a way of not being able to cut it in the "real world",
but the more time you spend in tranquil places like that,
the more one comes to realize that life doesnt have to be
lived in a metropolis to feel "exciting" or "vibrant".
There is plenty of "energy" in my life without smog, dog poop,
and police sirens. Thanks.

I'm going to give it a month...then I might call it quits.
The money is easy, but is that the point of life?
I feel that at 27, I should focus more on making some
money, and when I hit 30, I can focus more on the passions,
but its getting tougher and tougher. I know where my bliss is,
but I have to figure out a way to earn some money with it.

There are ways of course...its just a process though. is a video for you to check out.
My good friend Bruce showed us tonight
and it was pretty mind blowing.

Enjoy...let it sink in a bit.
Where is your life going?
What role does technology play in your life?
I really need to get educated about EMF protection...

For Your Amazement:
6 Years Old.

I believe this is the one Daniel Vitalis recommends,
this information really has changed my way of life so positively.
Im so excited to start working with tinctures and making
infusions this summer with herbs.

Very excited to get back to that lifestyle.