Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Elixircraft Mastery Course

I've been fortunate enough to be listening to this
lately, and I have to say that I only regret one thing:

That I wasn't exposed to this knowledge YEARS ago.
Daniel Vitalis is blowing my mind with this course.
This is something that I would play for my parents,
because the first part focuses on water and everyone
can relate to wanting good clean water.

This is serious knowledge, and it would speed up your
path to optimal health more than anything else I have listened to.
After the first lecture you will know what I mean.
I feel like a kid finding out about Halloween when I listen to this.

ElixirCraft Mastery from Dhrumil Purohit on Vimeo.

I put my reputation on it.
Over 6 hours of information and all of it
is cutting edge. I am changing so many of my ways
because of it. How I use cell phones, how I fly, how I view water.
I don't want to sound repetitive, but its really that good.

Really...so worth the price.
Not much stuff out there is of value, but this is just amazing.
Thank you Daniel Vitalis for your research and tenacity.
You are doing us a HUGE service.