Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heavenly Corn Chips

Not sure if youre subscribed to the rawmodel youtube page,
but I've been adding some videos lately.

This was made last summer, when the organic corn
was being sold in the area of Minnesota that Im from.

The magic ratio is 10 parts corn to 1 part flax.
Use golden flax if you want your chips to stay yellow.

Really try to use SPROUTED flax. The unsprouted will
have enzyme inhibitors that can mess with your digestion
and assimilation of nutrients. I make it myself, but this can
get messy and takes about 2 days total.

I've only tried one kind of sprouted flax
and it was from Pura Vida Products.
Totally good and above all convenient.
You're going to spend more than regular flax seed
for sure, but there is a ton of time and energy saved.
Your choice.

10 to 1. Do a half batch in the high speed blender
or food processor so you don't overwhelm it.

I now like to keep my just a tad chunky.
Not silky smooth, not super chunk.
Think about the texture of oatmeal maybe.
This way there are air pockets still inside the chips,
and it dries faster and has more crispiness to it.

Corn has issues for sure (hybridization),
but maybe just a little bit once in a while?
Purists really get to me sometimes, because as good
as it feels to live off of just fresh fruit and green juice,
its still fun to have chips and cookies once in a while.
Do what makes you happy, but keep the vibration high.

Enjoy the vid! Its about 9 min.