Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Thailand Pics... the fruit is alright. Lots of citrus for sure.
Its taking a while to upload, so just a few for now.
Its January 20th...Inauguration Day.
Lots of Hope in the air.
I feel that many of us in the raw communtiy
are a bit ahead of the real issues when it comes
to what is important and what is simply not.
I was really emotional when Barack won in November.
I couldnt believe it was real...I mean,
at least he wasnt an old white man from the
Military Industrial Complex like McCain.
We can ride Obama pretty hard about some things,
but come on...just think of what we would be facing otherwise.

My biggest issues are this...this is what would convince me that
Barack Obama is a force of light.
Legalize and tax Marijuana and Hemp,
and push hemp like never before.
I want to see Iowa covered in hemp
instead of GMO corn and soybeans.
Hemp produces so much oxygen and absorbs so much carbon.
It needs no fertilizers, and can feed us all.
Marijuana can be legalized and taxed.
This way we are not wasting taxpayer money
on persecuting and jailing peaceful individuals who wish to
use this NATURAL plant and the country can
actually make money by taxing it like tobacco
and alcohol. This would be HUGE.

Another big issue for me is a monster push
towards chemical free, GMO free, food production.
If Obama openly supports this and sustainable energy,
Ill be pretty convinced that he is not a corporate tool.
These may seem like trivial issues to some,
but they would actually solve SO many problems.
Both social, ecological, AND financial.
You would think that the greed monsters
would want this. Why do they persist in trashing
our only home? They and their families live here too!
Of course there is Iraq and Afganistan, but
we should look at the numbers.
TENS OF MILLIONS of us are dying from disease.
How many people died in 9-11? 3000.
Not to diminish those lives, but many other people
are suffering in silence, and because it is so ingrained
in our culture to eat dead food filled and covered with toxins,
no one seems to be noticing anything wrong.

Well...almost nobody.
We are awake to this, and because of that,
many of us are living fuller lives than ever imagined.
Free from sickness,pain, mental fog, and sadness.
How little it takes to completely change our life.
Nature set it up so easy for us.
Our bodies do nearly everything on their own.
All we really have to concern ourselves with is
eating clean food and drinking clean water and being around clean air.
And 99.9999% of us can't even get that figured out.
Sometimes I feel like some alien observing human behavior.
It completely amazes me...the trash, the self-destructiveness.
Do we really feel, DEEP DOWN, that we dont deserve better?

Do most people actually hate themselves or their planet?
or are they just brainwashed by the culture that awards greed?
Wow...I really went of on a tangent there.
Anyways, no matter who is in power, we at least
still have the right to choose a healthy life for ourself.
We must choose to re-create paradise.
Its our only option. Heaven can exist here.
Many people have brought hell to this Earth,
but the force of light is so much stronger, and the
truth can simply not be hid for much longer.

Plant trees and wild edibles wherever you can.
Show that living foods will eliminate almost every problem
facing humanity and the planet. This is so true.
Its hard to believe, but raw veganism could fix everything.
We are so fortuate to have what we do.
Lets use our gifts to bring heaven back to earth again.
Gotta run...